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What is this?

Thickbox Gallery 2 is a photo/music/video gallery application using PHP and JavaScripts, such as ThickBox 3.1. Lightbox, Highslide, Litebox, SmoothGallery, FrogJS, Slimbox, ClearBox JS 2, Lightview, Sexy LightBox, ColorBox or prettyPhoto can be applied as an effect library instead of ThickBox 3.1.

Feature List

  • Thumbnails and screen-size images with/without watermarking on the fly
  • Use GD, Netpbm or Imagemagick
  • Automatic album detection and hierarchical(tree) structure of album list
  • Selectable JavaScript libraries
  • Support Atom, Google Webmaster tools, bookmarks and mod_rewrite
  • Multilanguage by UTF-8 (currently English, Hungarian and Japanese)
  • Easy installation script
  • Administration page for a file manipulation
  • Template system (patTemplate) for easy layout modification
  • Valid XHTML1.0 and clean CSS design
  • and some more...

Download (Latest: 2009-04-18a)

Thickbox Gallery 2 is developed at - Download Page

Installation and user guide

See the following page for installation, settings and change logs.
Thickbox Gallery 2 - davWiki


If you have any suggestions or requests, just email me, post your comment to forum or leave your message on my blog.

Effect Selector

Album List